Nice Clean Air

Taylor shared an article with me a couple of days announcing that Dallas recently surpassed Houston as the “Smog Capital of Texas“.  This is attributed to a natural gas drilling site in the area that emits volatile organic compounds which contribute to smog formation and nearby cement and coal plants.  The local environmental agency isn’t even addressing these issues in their upcoming “clear air plan”.  Overall this doesn’t surprise me.  Atlanta was famous for exceeding standards on an almost daily basis which was very clear during all of my air pollution classes.  For one project I had to stand on an overpass next to campus and count the number of cars and trucks that passed on the highway in an hour.  The calculations we used determined that staying on that overpass for more than 8 hours was unsafe.  Did I mention this overpass has a greenspace where Tech fans tailgate before each game?  Don’t tailgate for more than 8 hours on 5th Street bridge – good advice for both your lungs and liver.

Governor Rick Perry likes to claim that the air over Texas is great and to him that means we don’t need any regulations.  I won’t go on one of my rants about air pollution and climate change – that’s reserved for Saturdays – but clearly he is wrong in so many ways.


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  1. Ann

    Well ’nuff said after last night’s debate!

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