Taylor and I were friends for three years before we started dating.  One of the things that he did that used to drive me crazy was correct my grammar.  I remember one particular incident where Taylor asked me how I did on my verbal SATs.  I responded “I did pretty good on them.” His response was “Well I guess you didn’t do that great on them since you said ‘good’ instead of ‘well’.”  And you wonder why we didn’t start dating sooner with those lovely pick-up lines.

Earlier this week two of Taylor’s high school friends were in town and we were discussing Taylor’s affinity for grammar correction.  That night one of his friends was hitting up the ladies at a local bar.   One of them said, “Are you happy with where you are at?”  Taylor’s response was, “Yeah I feel like I’m in a pretty good place where I don’t end my sentences in prepositions.”


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  1. Ann

    I guess some people never learn

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