Ebony and Ivory-ish

We just got back from a 10-day tour of Holly Springs, North Carolina.  Luna insisted on coming with us – I don’t think she understood the full implications when she kept sitting in our suitcase as we were packing.  The adventures of flying with a cat will be an entirely different post.  The reaction was pretty much the same for everyone – they would look at Luna when they heard her meow and then immediately look at us as if to say, “Who is this crazy person that is bringing a cat onto an airplane?”  Maybe I should have been carrying some knitting, been wearing a sweatshirt with a picture of Luna on it, and not washed my hair for days.  Just to satisfy their stereotypes.

My parents have a very mellow older cat named Oscar and I was excited for Luna to meet him.  Well it turns out Oscar has un-mellowed in his old age.  Also we have learned that Luna doesn’t understand cat social cues like hissing and growling.  Oscar would hiss at her and she would take this as an invitation to get closer and even chase him.  These things combined for a less friendly time than expected.  It also probably didn’t help that Luna jumped on him several times while he was sleeping.  My mom scolded us for “laughing at Oscar” every time it happened.  By the end of the week they were able to be near each other without much hullabaloo.  Maybe they will be best friends by the end of the next visit.



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  1. We ‘more mature’ individuals get crochety when our sleep is disturbed (cats included)!

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