Extremely Dislike

We don’t watch that much TV and when we do it is typically on our DVR so we fast-forward straight through the commercials.  Yet I have somehow managed to develop quite an extensive list of commercials I absolutely hate.  I remember I had a camp counselor that once said “Hate is a strong word.  You should say ‘extremely dislike’ “.  So Counselor Kristie, if you are reading this please stop immediately.  I would extremely dislike for you to see how many times I am going to use the word hate.  I’m going to skip over about 98% of the commercials I hate which fall under the “Hahaha it’s funny because husbands are stupid and women like to shop” category.  The first one to discuss is the newest Lego Duplo commercial.

Firstly, I am annoyed by the song.  I spent 15 minutes trying to find it online and was unsuccessful, probably because the person that wrote it is too embarrassed to take ownership of it.  “You’re growing up.  You’re having fun.  You’re playing just goes on and on“.  I could have written this.  But I would never write it because the lyrics are terrible.  Secondly, I am annoyed by this little girl and her mom.  She runs in and kisses the elephant Lego.  When I first saw this commercial I got excited because I thought she was going to knock over the tower her brother had worked so hard to build.  But then she just kisses the damn thing.  And her mom makes this “Awwwww” face that irritates me to no end.

Next up, one of Taylor’s favorites: Olive Garden

First of all I just hate all the Olive Garden commercials.  Maybe because the last time I ate there I got sick.  All you can eat breadsticks, salad, and soup is not a good idea before a wedding.  I love my mom and Nana but I’m pretty sure we don’t seem this idiotic when we all hang out.  Taylor and I repeatedly use the line “Get the fun going all through dinner”.  WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?

Finally, I hate every single holiday Walmart commercial right now.

I’m very confused by Walmart’s marketing tactic of portraying all of their customer’s as complete idiots.  Do they think people watch the commercial and say to themselves, “Hahahaha.  It’s funny because she can’t read the sign right in front of her.  I MUST SHOP THERE.”  Also I’ve been to a Walmart.  No one is ever that cheerful when shopping there.  It’s more of a get what you need and then get the hell out of there kind of place.



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2 responses to “Extremely Dislike

  1. Becky

    I too hate the Duplo commercial. I just googled the song too and found your blog! It irritates our whole family to the point that we end up laughing. The song is so stinking annoying and so is that kid and the mom!! aaarrrrrgh.

  2. the hobo

    Yep, I got here from Google-ing for that damn “your playing just goes on and on” song. It’s stuck in my head and I can’t get it out…

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