Ornament Progression

My parents started a tradition when I was little that we each got to pick out a new ornament every year for the tree.  This way, when we moved out and had our own tree we would already be supplied with 18 years worth of ornaments.  Before I could pick out my own my parents supplied me with a couple.


Such cute little ornaments.  Then I was finally given the task of choosing my own ornaments.  I have since noticed a common theme.


Small animals doing things.  You know the usual – sitting in baskets, sitting in thimbles, eating cheese, reading books about cheese…  The first year I showed my husband my ornaments I had to say “Oh, and here’s my second ornament of cats sitting in a basket.”  The box that the thimble dog came in says “This is the 12th and final ornament for the Thimble series.”  I must find the other 11. Also I’m pretty sure that the bird house ornament is an “Our New Home” one – we had not moved and yet I chose it.

As I have gotten older my ornaments still seem to have an animal theme but I have tried to branch out from baskets and balls of yarn.  These are our ornaments for this year.




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  1. Ann

    Of course I have the kitty angel that is actually yours – I just couldn’t bear to not see it each year!

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