Flying Luna

When we decided that we were going to North Carolina for 9 days for Thanksgiving one of our first thoughts was that it would be a long time for Luna to be house-sat.  Once we added up how much it would take to get the sitter we realized that taking her would not cost much more and she wouldn’t be bored for 9 days.  So we decided to take her and reserved a spot for her on the plane.

At the airport

The worst part was the drive to the airport and the first hour of the flight to North Carolina.  It was the longest she had ever been in her carrier and it took a while for her to resign to the fact that she was staying in it.  She was eventually quiet and was fine for the most part for the flight back to Dallas.  Notable parts of flying with Luna:

  • Taylor having to take her out of the carrier to walk her through security.  The leash set off the alarm on the way back  – it was really fun trying to unlatch the leash as she decided she didn’t want to be held anymore.
  • Her fur sticking out of the carrier as she pressed her face against it meowing pitifully at us.
  • Standing silently in first class as she decides to let out a huge meow.
  • Terrifying a woman as we walked by and Luna meowed at her.  Her husband laughed.

The fact that we even did this is still unbelievable to me.  We took a cat.  And put her on an airplane.  Twice.  And we’ll be doing it again in 2.5 weeks when we fly to Connecticut.


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  1. chris

    And while Luna may not like flying (heck – who among us does?) we are looking forward to seeing all three of you!!! Love you guys!

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