Technology Woes

Our office of over 40 people frequently has technical problems.   For example, last week at least 10 people were having their computers crash on them whenever they tried to save a document.  It took about three days to get it resolved.  The main issue is that we don’t have an IT person in Dallas.  We have to call the IT department in Colorado and try to explain our issues over the phone.  Then they remotely log into your computer and you have to quickly close your g chat window before they read what your mom said to you.

First of all the majority of the IT people I speak to act like I’m inconveniencing them when I ask for their help.  I know they have other IT-ish things to work on but dealing with IT issues is part of their job.  That’s like the City of Dallas calling to ask me help them clean their water and me responding with a giant sigh.  One time IT sent me a new hard drive with no instructions on how to install it.  I appreciate their high expectations of me but I had just  put a virus – inadvertently – on my computer.  I guess maybe that wasn’t a big enough sign that I’m not good with computers?  They should ask my dad about the time I accidentally tricked our computer into thinking the hard drive was in a different location than it was.  The computer was never the same after that.


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