Top Chef: Texas Style

One of the TV shows that Taylor and I watch is called Top Chef.  Every season they have 16 chefs from across the country compete against each other.  In each episode, the chefs are presented with a cooking challenge and the worst is kicked off.  Each season is in a city and the challenges usually revolve around that location.  This year they decided to do Top Chef in Texas.  They started out in Austin and 2 episodes ago moved to Dallas.  The two challenges they have done so far in Dallas are:

  1.  Serve a 4 course meal for Highland Park residents – the city within Dallas that is full of incredibly rich people.  I just google imaged “Highland Park, Texas” to put a map in here and all the images were mansions.  One guy said that he wanted gummy bears as part of his dessert – classy.
  2. Serve a steak dinner at Southfork Ranch for the Cattle Baron’s Ball.

So the two representations of Dallas we have so far are incredibly rich people (that technically aren’t even from Dallas because they live in a city within Dallas) and a reference to the show Dallas.  Maybe next week they’ll cook at the State Fair.


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