I am an avid Google user.  I’m a huge fan of their services and how well they work together.  One service I’ve been signed up for but am only starting to use is Google Voice.  They basically give you a phone number in any area code you want, and they will forward any calls to that number to any other phone number you wish.  The service is even better if you happen to have an Android based smart phone (which I do).  You can download their app which will allow you to receive phone calls, and send text messages, and manage your voicemail.  It’s pretty nice to be able to listen to voicemail without dialing in to your mailbox (iPhone users have had this for years…).  One feature that has potential, but isn’t quite up to speed yet is providing a transcription of each voicemail.  If you speak loudly, clearly, and slowly, the service works great.  But as most of us know, 99% of voicemails follow the “hiit’smeineedyouradvice. callmebackokay? thanksbye” which can lead to rather amusing transcriptions.  For example, I recently ordered a pair of glasses.  When they were ready for pick up, a nice gentleman with a British accent called to let me know.  I would normally be able to embed the voicemail, but wordpress keeps breaking the code to make it work, so I will hand transcribe the voicemail:

Here is what was actually said:

Hey there Mr. Gibson, Kente here at Insight complete eye care.  Hope all is well.  Just wanted to call and let you know that I’ve got your glasses in and unfortunately got bad news about your wife’s pair.  Her frame that she wanted is actually on a back order until the first or, uh… January second.  So, uhm, the lenses are in process and ready, just waiting for the frame.  So once the frame gets in we’ll go ahead and call her about those, but yours are ready for pick up at your convenience.  Chat at you soon, Cheers.

And here is the transcript I received:

It Is think intelligence. I can do that. I can. Hope all is well. Just want to call his noble. I got your glasses and and difficult bodies about a wise path have frame that she wanted it up. Shawn about course and to the list to jail. I still can’t sale on the quizzes are in process and that’s easy. Just waiting for the frames Phillips Phillips and will go ahead and call him about list but yours are ready. If you’ll pick up at your convenience. Talk to you soon. Cheers.

At least you knew he was British.  Cheers!


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