Craig James, Senator?

Craig James, a college football analyst for ESPN has announced that he is going to run for US Senate for the state of Texas.

His experience in all things football related has apparently rendered him able to be a senator.

Government background, government experience, in my world today is not a good thing

Obviously this is what he has to say otherwise we would have to talk about what his qualifications for running are.  I also guess we should turn an eye to the fact that he was a part of the SMU football team in the years prior to the death penalty.




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2 responses to “Craig James, Senator?

  1. Craig James was too stupid to know that anything was going on at SMU… which means he is not smart enough to be a Senator. The good news is that this might mean we don’t have to hear him call football games for a while.

  2. Wait, we are talking about the guy who paid a marketing company to smear Mike Leach because his son wasn’t getting enough playing time… that guy right? As long as it get’s him out of the announcers booth.

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