Taylor and I were trying to determine what kind of cat Luna was the other day and figured out that she is a “torbie”.  This is a cross between a tortoiseshell cat and a tabby cat.



Once we figured out what she was I did a google image search for torbie. Here’s the thing about google image. When you click on a picture it will be in the middle of the screen with the website it came from in the background. And the website we saw in the background for a picture was quite interesting.


RPG stands for role playing game.  We had stumbled upon a role playing game for cats!   Basically you pick a cat, give it a name, and put it in a clan.  Then someone starts a “setting” for your cat to interact in.  People just insert in lines of action for their cat and they interact with eachother.  We scrolled through one and it was actually kind of boring.  But this led us to find out that the game is based on a series of books called Warrior Cats.  There are currently 4 series with 6 books each.  And guess which library has the first book of the first series.  In the children’s section.  I will be picking it up when I get home.


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