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Christmas sweater

I borrowed a dated Christmas sweater from a coworker for a “tacky” Christmas sweater party.  If you own this sweater I am sorry if I have offended you by placing it in this category.  I unfortunately did not win any prizes for it.


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I am an avid Google user.  I’m a huge fan of their services and how well they work together.  One service I’ve been signed up for but am only starting to use is Google Voice.  They basically give you a phone number in any area code you want, and they will forward any calls to that number to any other phone number you wish.  The service is even better if you happen to have an Android based smart phone (which I do).  You can download their app which will allow you to receive phone calls, and send text messages, and manage your voicemail.  It’s pretty nice to be able to listen to voicemail without dialing in to your mailbox (iPhone users have had this for years…).  One feature that has potential, but isn’t quite up to speed yet is providing a transcription of each voicemail.  If you speak loudly, clearly, and slowly, the service works great.  But as most of us know, 99% of voicemails follow the “hiit’smeineedyouradvice. callmebackokay? thanksbye” which can lead to rather amusing transcriptions.  For example, I recently ordered a pair of glasses.  When they were ready for pick up, a nice gentleman with a British accent called to let me know.  I would normally be able to embed the voicemail, but wordpress keeps breaking the code to make it work, so I will hand transcribe the voicemail:

Here is what was actually said:

Hey there Mr. Gibson, Kente here at Insight complete eye care.  Hope all is well.  Just wanted to call and let you know that I’ve got your glasses in and unfortunately got bad news about your wife’s pair.  Her frame that she wanted is actually on a back order until the first or, uh… January second.  So, uhm, the lenses are in process and ready, just waiting for the frame.  So once the frame gets in we’ll go ahead and call her about those, but yours are ready for pick up at your convenience.  Chat at you soon, Cheers.

And here is the transcript I received:

It Is think intelligence. I can do that. I can. Hope all is well. Just want to call his noble. I got your glasses and and difficult bodies about a wise path have frame that she wanted it up. Shawn about course and to the list to jail. I still can’t sale on the quizzes are in process and that’s easy. Just waiting for the frames Phillips Phillips and will go ahead and call him about list but yours are ready. If you’ll pick up at your convenience. Talk to you soon. Cheers.

At least you knew he was British.  Cheers!


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Nap Time

I told Taylor that you must feel pretty comfortable that no predators are going to get you when you sleep like this.


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Physical Challenge!

As a baby, I was sick a lot.  So the doctors decided to do a comprehensive allergy test to see what I was allergic to.  Along with a lot of environmental things, it turned out I was extremely allergic to peanuts.  There are a lot of debates on why people develop allergies but my mom is certain of why I am allergic.  During the third trimester of her pregnancy with me she ate tons of peanut butter – thanks mom.

I read blogs every now and then of parents talking about finding out that their kid has an extreme peanut allergy.  They worry about their child’s quality of life and their ability to do normal things.  The truth is that my childhood was great and barely anyone had peanut allergies when I was growing up.  Now restaurants and food manufacturers are really aware of allergies.  There are peanut free schools now – something that I am baffled by.  Are their parents going to crusade for peanut free colleges when their kids are old enough?  One of my only two reactions was in 4th grade when a kid brought in brownies – something that I think is probably not even allowed anymore.  I asked him if there were peanuts in the brownies and he said no.  Well it turns out that there was peanut BUTTER in them.  Thanks a lot, Paul.

I was retested before I went to college because 20% of people outgrow their peanut allergy.  I decided to be retested again this past month because the previous testing had been inconclusive.  I hadn’t had a reaction since 4th grade – had I really just been extremely cautious?

First came the skin test.  They prick you with 3 things but the main one you want to pay attention to is where they prick you with the allergen.

Yeah that big blotchy one with the ‘P’ next to it (that liquid stuff isn’t coming out of my arm – that’s the medicine).  But apparently about 40% of skin tests are false positives.  So next was a blood test.  That came out as a “low positive” which didn’t really line up with the glaring blotch on my arm.

The next step in the past would have been a food challenge.  Every time I hear that phrase I think of Double Dare’s physical challenges.  Except in this one I’m not trying to fill a bucket attached to my head with Gak.

A food challenge is where you must battle all the instincts you were brought up with and EAT A PEANUT.  You know, see if anything happens.

But now there is a new step in the process.  There is a new blood test where they can test each specific protein of the peanut to see what you are exactly allergic to, if anything.  Well the results came back this week and they were pretty conclusive that I am still very allergic.  Conclusive enough that my allergist said I can’t do the food challenge because it would be too much of a risk.  Taylor had to cancel the Peanut Party he was planning for me.


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I Could Be a Teacher

Last night, I had an epiphany about something to post.  First of all my brother had a friend in high school named Epiphany and now that word seems weird to me.  For those of you that don’t know, my husband is a high school math teacher.  This is his fifth year in teaching and he’s awesome at it.  But his career has caused people to say more stupid things/stereotypes/myths/insults than I have ever heard for any other career.  So far I have gathered 4 main things that I have heard people say multiple times – to my husband’s face, online, in the media – that drive me crazy.  And that list is going to spark the first ever Soapbox Saturday series.  I realize that the people that say these things are typically not trying to be hurtful.  But when you personally know a teacher and the struggles they face, these one liners really can be insulting.

Today we will explore one that became prevalent a couple of years ago when the economy really started going south and people were trying to figure out what to do with their lives as their job opportunities were closing up.


Or some variant like “I’ll just be a teacher”.  Why do people see teaching as the career to “settle” for?  Or the career that you need no previous experience for?  I see what Taylor does and I know it takes a little more experience and planning than to just walk in and teach a lesson.  Like any other job, being a teacher should mean that you want to do it and that you are passionate about it.  That you might actually be interested in having an impact on children’s lives.


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Homemade Pop Tarts

I have had this recipe on my mind for probably two years and finally decided to make them this past weekend.  I used Bonne Maman raspberry jam for the filling, something that I can – and do – eat with a spoon.  I intended to take a picture of the pop tart filling but I ate them all too quickly.


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Top Chef: Texas Style

One of the TV shows that Taylor and I watch is called Top Chef.  Every season they have 16 chefs from across the country compete against each other.  In each episode, the chefs are presented with a cooking challenge and the worst is kicked off.  Each season is in a city and the challenges usually revolve around that location.  This year they decided to do Top Chef in Texas.  They started out in Austin and 2 episodes ago moved to Dallas.  The two challenges they have done so far in Dallas are:

  1.  Serve a 4 course meal for Highland Park residents – the city within Dallas that is full of incredibly rich people.  I just google imaged “Highland Park, Texas” to put a map in here and all the images were mansions.  One guy said that he wanted gummy bears as part of his dessert – classy.
  2. Serve a steak dinner at Southfork Ranch for the Cattle Baron’s Ball.

So the two representations of Dallas we have so far are incredibly rich people (that technically aren’t even from Dallas because they live in a city within Dallas) and a reference to the show Dallas.  Maybe next week they’ll cook at the State Fair.


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