Work Safety

In my company, we have a division called Health and Safety.  I understand the importance of practicing health and safety in our daily lives and projects but it sometimes seems a little silly to me.  Every Thursday evening we get a health and safety email that is loaded with cautionary tales or some bit of wisdom.  A couple of weeks ago an email was sent out with many “afterthoughts” people might after after an accident.  I seriously thought it was a joke at first.  A couple of them:

  • I never thought that a little bolt dropped from that distance would cause so much bleeding.” ( I should have worn a hard hat, I guess.) 
  • I know they were always preaching that we should lift with the leg muscles instead of the back muscles.” (What the heck is a herniated disk?)
  • My safety glasses were in the garage, but I only had a little  weed eating to do….( I wonder if they’ll still let me drive with only one eye?)

Be safe out there!


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  1. Joe Turner

    You’ll be happy to know that at my job, we take safety seriously too! So much so, in fact, that I was the Asst. Safety Officer in my first job. On second thought, that might cause you to think we don’t take it very seriously…

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