Best Friends!

Shortly before we were to go to Connecticut, one of the family dogs in Connecticut got hit by a car.  She was mostly okay but is currently in a cast.  As a result she has been living upstairs instead of down in the finished basement with the other dogs.  We prepared for how this was going to impact Luna since she hadn’t been around a dog before and Balkys (the dog) was notoriously not very nice.

Well it turns out the car accident made Balkys a more pleasant dog.  She isn’t overly friendly but tolerates everyone around her.  This was unfortunately true for Luna as well who so desperately wanted to be best friends with Balkys.

Twice Balkys fell asleep in the living room and Luna tried to cuddle up next to her and lay down.  Both times, Balkys got up and left.  It was sad.  I feel like this is preparing us for when we have nerd children that will be rejected by their “cooler” peers.


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  1. Chris

    Genetics is a wonderous thing……you just never know what will emerge …
    Your kids could be super cool….and your house could be filled with “party.. party.. party!!!!” 🙂

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