Mystic Seaport

The great thing about Connecticut is that it is small and you can get to a lot of places relatively quickly – a huge change from Texas.  It is less than an hour drive to the coast from where Taylor’s family lives.  The day after Christmas we went to Mystic Seaport which is a New Englandy version of Colonial Williamsburg for a “Mystic Lantern Tour”.  We were led around through the village to different buildings where a play was being carried out.  Mean old Mr. Hyde was ruining everyone’s lives in Mystic Seaport!  It of course worked out in the end.  I don’t have any pictures because they wouldn’t allow cameras – they don’t exactly fit into the time period.  Lindsey and I got to carry the lanterns during part of the tour – a true honor.



Filed under Walkabout Wednesday

2 responses to “Mystic Seaport

  1. Ann

    Should have been the birthday boy!

  2. Joe Turner

    Did they make you wear green sombreros to identify you as part of the group?

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