The Rotating Sickness

The thing about Walkabout Wednesday posts are that they hinge on the fact that we go somewhere and actually do something.  That did not really happen this week.  Shortly after we got back from Connecticut, I came down with a cold for almost a week.  As I started to finally get better, Taylor caught my cold and was sick for a week.  He was finally starting to get better at the end of last week.  Then I woke up on Saturday morning and felt like my throat was incredibly dry.  I looked in the mirror at my throat and saw that my uvula looked a little large.  I tend to be a bit of a hypochondriac so I told myself I was making it up and went on through the rest of the day just fine.  Well I woke up on Sunday morning and my uvula was like, “I AM DEFINITELY SWOLLEN.  LOOK AT ME NOW.”  I showed Taylor and he was all “Oh my God”.  I tried to compare my throat to his but that was useless because he had his tonsils removed as a child.  As a result, his throat looked like a cavernous black hole.

So we traipsed on over to an urgent care clinic on Sunday morning at 8am.  You know who goes to a clinic on Sunday morning at 8 am?  People that have been up all night because they are sick.  My swollen tonsils were the least of anyone’s issues in that waiting room.  Taylor and I crammed ourselves in the back corner away from everyone – the child coughing that sounded like she smoked 2 packs a day, the wisp of a lady that looked like she was going to pass out at any moment, and everyone else that looked like a zombie.  I was practically scaling the furniture to keep myself as far away from them as possible.  This terrible terrible animated children’s movie called Hoodwinked was on – from what we could tell it involved a “hip” grandmother, Little Red Riding Hood, and a European frog.

We didn’t have to wait too long before we were taken back.  The nurse took my temperature and said “Oh you have a little bit of a fever – 99.2”.  Taylor’s eye roll was so excessive I thought the nurse must have seen it but she didn’t comment.  Then came in the nurse practitioner.  I will preface this by saying she got me an antibiotic that is working great and I am almost completely better and I appreciate that.  But she was not very bright.  After deciding I had strep despite testing negative (which is still possible) she came back into the room and asked, “You’re not allergic to penicillin are you?”  I had to tell her “yes” but I really wanted to point out that the nurse had just written that on the form 5 minutes ago.  Then she said “Okay, I’ll give you C-Pak.”  I asked, “That’s not the same as Z-Pak is it?  Because I’ve had that before and didn’t really like it”.  She said “No”.  Then as she was leaving she said “Oh, were you that one that wanted X prescription?”  I said “No” and then she was all disappointed and said “Oh no….that must have been for that other lady and I didn’t give it to her…oh no.”  And then she just wandered out of the room.  Then the doctor came in with my prescription and it was for Z-Pak.


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