I’ve Always Hated Math

Whenever Taylor tells someone that he is a math teacher there are apparently only two responses.  The first is the rare and lovely “Oh, I’ve always loved math.”  The second one is:


Why would anyone say that?  And yet, 95% of the people respond with this.  I imagine a similar thing happens with some other professions like lawyers but it still makes my heart sad when I see someone say this to Taylor.  There are plenty of other responses when someone tells you their profession and it’s kind of insulting when you say something negative – this is what they do for a living!  I always get statements about how drinking water isn’t safe when I say that I design drinking water treatment plants.  I find it annoying but it leaves room for discussion on the topic (I always say “Well I’ve seen the water quality coming out of the treatment plants and I drink the tap water.”)  What do you respond with when someone tells you they hate math?



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3 responses to “I’ve Always Hated Math

  1. Ann

    “You use math every day”.

  2. Chris

    “Probably because you didn’t have a great teacher like Taylor!” 🙂

  3. Joe

    Best response is a pun, like “I guess I can count you out”, or “Well now it all adds up”.

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