Comment Awards

At the beginning of the year we received an email from WordPress about stats from the last year including where our readers came from, what the most popular posts were, and other random things.  The one that stuck out to me most was about comments.  Here are our top 3 commenters for the year:

My mom, Taylor’s mom (who discovered our blog late, otherwise she would probably be neck in neck with mine), and my BFF Katie.  So thank you, moms and friend for supporting our blog.  Let’s all see who will be at the top next year!



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3 responses to “Comment Awards

  1. Katie

    My goal for this year is to be #1.

  2. Joe

    Sorry Katie, I’m going to take that spot. I didn’t even know this blog existed last year! Is there a prize for #1??

  3. Chris

    Sure … go ahead…. the two of you can wander thru the year thinking you have a chance….. but….. you’re up and me and Ann……no contest!!! 🙂

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