20 MPH

Taylor and I have noticed something surprising about Texans: they are obsessed with school zones.  Everywhere else we have lived people seem to take the school zone speed limits as merely a “guideline”.  If there are children nearby a person will typically hover about 5 miles above the speed limit and count down the seconds until they can go 45 mph again.  If no kids are in sight and you can’t even see the school they won’t slow down at all.

But not in Texas.  In Texas you actually follow the school zone speed limits.  I’m not sure why this is the case because I’ve never seen anyone pulled over for not following it.  But maybe that is because everyone does follow it.  You’ll be going 40 mph and suddenly it looks like everyone has stopped in front of you.  You slow down and realize that you are actually just entering a school zone and everyone is going 20 mph!  Sometimes even slower.  It’s great to see everyone following the law but we find it completely baffling due to other Texas driving behavior.  Since I moved here I have seen more cars swerve across 5 lanes of traffic to get off the highway at the last minute than in the last 25 years of my life.  School zones are apparently a holy place though where rules cannot be broken.  We must think of the children.


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  1. Chris

    What! Texans don’t run over their school children like we do here in CT?
    Man…..they are missing the boat! 🙂

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