Give me money!!

I’ve never had a kid but I know it can be expensive with school and extracurricular activities (sorry mom and dad).  Activities like sports teams, school plays, etc. will sometimes have fundraisers that allow you to sell something in order to pay for your supplies (like a uniform).  I think that’s great because it helps the kid appreciate what he/she is getting.  One winter I walked to every house in my neighborhood selling coupon books so that I could pay for part of an orchestra trip to England.  Apparently I was the only kid that did it – everyone else’s parents paid for the whole thing.  But I appreciated the HELL out that trip after walking in snow (2 inches) to sell coupon books.

What bothers me is when the parent doesn’t want to pay for it so they bring the fundraising stuff to their workplace and try to get ME to buy stuff.  If you don’t want to pay for it – fine.  But get your kid to go door to door instead of forcing me to have to look through a magazine of CRAP and say “oh that’s a cute case…too bad I don’t have an iPhone” or “well I bought gifts for everyone already since it was just the holidays” or “oh you need the money today? I don’t have my checkbook”.  I feel like I’m out of luck paying for my activities since I don’t have a child.  I’m going to start selling wrapping paper to my coworkers so that I can go on a snowboarding trip.



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2 responses to “Give me money!!

  1. Ann

    So glad to not be a party to that any more!

  2. Chris

    Me too….. but in defense of the parents, its a bit scary to send your kids door to door these days…..

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