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In My Khaki Pants

On Saturday night we chaperoned the first half of the Sadie Hawkins Dance – the high school dance where the girls ask someone to go with them.  Besides that it was your normal high school dance – drama unfolding, songs I don’t recognize, and dresses that my mom still wouldn’t let me wear out of the house.  We were closer to the dance floor than when we chaperoned for homecoming and we were able to see some of the dancing.  It was uncomfortable.  Never mind that I did pretty much the exact same dance moves with my dates in high school.  Now that Taylor teaches these kids I don’t think he wants to see them “bump and grind”.  That’s what the kids call it these days, right?

The dance didn’t start until 9 which in my decrepit age sounds SO LATE.  I was yawning half an hour into it even with Katy Perry blaring in my ear.  Students kept coming up to say hi to Taylor and introduce themselves to me as “Mr. Gibson’s favorite student”.  Which is when I would try to introduce myself as Sara but then Taylor would correct me and say “Mrs. Gibson”.  I’m not ready for that yet.




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Tanning Goddess

Someone was sunning herself all afternoon on top of 2nd trimester exams while Taylor was grading.



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Bottles of Water

Have you ever thought about the series of events that had to happen so that you could meet someone?  My parents and I were walking back to our car the day I moved into my freshman dorm room.  A local church was handing out bottles of water and I didn’t want one.  After walking a couple of steps my mom changed her mind.  They gave me a flier about their college Sunday School class and I decided I would try it out that weekend.

That Sunday I walked to the church and this guy that I thought was cute (not Taylor – hi JB!) introduced himself and invited me to come to an on-campus ministry that evening.  That evening when I showed up, I was crushed that he called me Katie.  At this ministry I met Meagan who introduced me to her boyfriend Eric.  On Wednesday night they took me to Eric’s fraternity.  On the basketball court out front was Eric’s roommate – Taylor.  I never had any classes with the circle of friends I developed and wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t taken that flier.

All because my mom wanted a bottle of water.  She will now see this as evidence that she is the reason Taylor and I are together.



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I went to a coworker’s baby shower yesterday.  The invite was actually an electronic one – something I wouldn’t do personally but that is not the point of this post.  As a result, I could see who had said “yes” and “no” to coming.  I was disappointed when two people that I know had responded as “yes” didn’t show up.  I would say “surprised” instead of “disappointed” but I’m not surprised.  Having had a wedding and also thrown several showers myself I know people will say they are coming and then not come without an explanation (obviously, family emergencies are an exception).

I think people lose site of the rudeness because it’s a group of people – they don’t think it will matter whether they are there or not because other people are there.  My wedding was 2.5 years ago and I still remember who RSVPed but didn’t come.  This is not because I am holding a grudge but because I remember the severe disappointment I felt when I realized someone that I was expecting to be there wasn’t.  If you were having lunch with a friend and realized you couldn’t make it you would immediately call that person.  If you are attending something for a friend I don’t see that as any different.

I believe we have lost sight of the value of an RSVP.  It is easy to just check a box or click a button without having to put much thought into it.  It is important to remember that when we are invited to something it is because that person values our presence.  Unless their mom made them invite you.


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I associate winter with root vegetables and greens so it is weird to me to hear that citrus is in season.  Lemonade isn’t exactly a February beverage unless you are in Texas where it is currently 60 degrees!  I bought a sweater on sale this weekend for $13.  I now know why they were on sale – I don’t need one for another 10 months.  Anyways, I strayed from my normal apples at lunch to something I had never had before: tangelos.

They were on sale and I assumed they were like oranges which I’m fine with so I grabbed a few.  The name tangelo should have been an indication that it is not an orange but actually a cross between a tangerine and a grapefruit (Why not graperine?).  It tastes like a sweet orange to me and the great thing is that tangelos are much easier to peel. No one at work has to hear me vehemently cursing in my cubicle as I spend half an hour peeling fruit and spraying orange juice on my computer screen.


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I’m not a shopaholic but I do value having good stores nearby when the mood strikes.  I have had the advantage of living in a larger city my entire life – Raleigh, Atlanta, and Dallas.  As a result, I have always been within a 10 minute drive of an excellent mall and I believe this is something I have taken for granted.  I remember going to visit my grandparents in Newport News and going to the mall.  I was always shocked at how small it was and how there wasn’t a Limited Too!

We now live 1.5 miles away from Northpark Mall which has every single store you can name (except Crate and Barrel but there is a standalone store 2 miles in the other direction), including designer stores (although I’m pretty sure Taylor and I aren’t allowed in those).  I have read online about people that live in the middle of nowhere Texas who make a day or weekend trip of going to Northpark.  That boggles my mind because I have never been far enough away to contemplate driving three hours to go to Williams-Sonoma.  Speaking of which, who wants to buy me this?



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Books Books Books

Taylor was out of town again this weekend so I utilized my time very wisely to pretty much do nothing.  I watched a Lifetime movie which is always a good use of anyone’s time.  This was the one about a woman who thought her husband was a murderer.  I’m sure you know exactly which one I am talking about.

I did go pick up two books at the library that I had reserved and I am now justifying this as my outing for Walkabout Wednesday.  I have developed a slight obsession with the library.  There was a time in my life when I decided that if I wanted to read a book I would buy it.  Then I rediscovered the library.  If you haven’t been in awhile it is not the same as when we were kids (Of course I am referring to my generation. If you are older than me, I guarantee you the library is DEFINITELY different than when you were kids).

Unless you live in a one stoplight town (Columbia, North Carolina I am looking at you) your library is online!  All I have to do is go online, request my book from over 40 libraries, and two days later it is at the library down the street for me to pick up.  If I’m on a waiting list for a popular book, they will email me when it is available.  This is pretty much the laziest I can be but still read books at the same time.  Unless I want to download books illegally and read them on my laptop.  You can also check out movies – something Taylor and I did when we first moved here.  Our furniture, and subsequently our TV, didn’t arrive until we had been in Dallas for 5 days.  The first thing we did was get our drivers licenses and then the second thing we did was get our library cards.  Priorities.  We laid on our living room floor watching movies on our laptop – the only furniture we had.

So go check out your local library – I have found that in addition to saving money on books, I am reading more!  I’m so worldly.



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