Waking Luna

Ever since Luna was sick her sleep schedule has been all out of sorts.  I realized this last Saturday when I had to physically wake her up to feed her dinner, watched her inhale the food, and then promptly go back to sleep for many hours.  This week has been plagued with meows and kitty paws walking across our bodies at 3:30 in the morning.  Out of all the points of my body she could step on while I’m sleeping it always manages to either be squarely on two sensitive spots on my chest or that indentation where your clavicle meets your throat.  It’s great.  She will eventually lie down and then proceeds to stick her head into one of our armpits and “make biscuits” with her front paws.  As long as Taylor keeps her nails trimmed this endeavor doesn’t feel like you are being stabbed with thousands of tiny knives in your armpit.  Hopefully she will get back towards a more likeable sleep schedule soon.


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