The Rise and Fall of Dallas Temperatures

A year ago something happened that caused us to start this blog.  It was Snowmageddon 2011.  At least people here in Dallas thought it was the end of the world.  My sister-in-law who lives in Rochester wouldn’t have thought twice about it.  She probably would also wear shorts and flip flops.  Over Christmas she would ask if it was cold outside before we went somewhere and I would exclaim “IT’S FREEZING OUT THERE” as I put on my winter coat.  We would then walk outside and she would be all “Oh it’s not cold.”  Did you know that RIT (where she goes to school) actually has TUNNELS so that you can walk to and from buildings on campus without going through the snow?  It also was handy when there was a bear on campus last year.  Georgia Tech never sent out any cool warnings like that.  The only ones they could send would be “There’s a homeless man on campus asking poor college students for money.”  And that would have been every day.

All of this tangent to remind you that at this time last year it was snowing in Dallas.  Last Friday the high was 74.  I’ve consistently been going to work in my winter coat and then looking like an idiot when I leave.  I look like the 90 year old lady you see wandering the aisles at Target in a knee length winter coat in June.  I shouldn’t have to put on deodorant right now because I shouldn’t have to worry about breaking into a sweat.  And yet here I am sitting at my desk thinking I should have probably put some on this morning.


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