To the Professor!

I am currently re-reading through “The Hobbit” partially because the first part of it is coming out this December:

I’ve grown up reading through Tolkien’s works a few times, but I’ve always had a special place for “The Hobbit.”  It’s written at a more accessible level than “The Lord of the Rings”, which allowed me to read through it at a younger age.  Additionally, my dad is a huge Tolkien fan as well, and had copies of “The Hobbit” as audio books, comic books, animated movies, etc. which made it easy to become a fan.  Besides, you get a great backstory behind Bilbo Baggins, the one ring, Sting (the sword, not the singer), and many other geeky items of Middle Earth lore. Stay nerdy.


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  1. Joe

    Couldn’t agree more, The Hobbit is by far the best. I knew it was only a matter of time after the LotR Trilogy until they made it, and am glad it’s finally come!

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