Inn Above Onion Creek Part Deux

Last Labor Day we went to the Inn Above Onion Creek just outside of Austin.  Taylor had a four day weekend so we utilized part of that break to get back to the Inn.  We were not very creative and repeated several parts of our last trip including getting barbeque from The Salt Lick and visiting a Texas winery.  The rest of the trip was spent reading books, watching movies, and sitting by the fireplace.  The cold weather had the Inn cats wanting to come inside.  I let one into our room and I could tell that she immediately regretted it.  She ran back outside pretty quickly – so much for finding a substitute cat while we left Luna at home.


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One response to “Inn Above Onion Creek Part Deux

  1. Joe

    I am shocked and appalled that you thought you could replace sweet Luna! If she desires emancipation from such unloving parents, tell her a warm home where she’ll never be neglected or replaced is ready for her with me.

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