Public School Idiocy

The Dallas Independent School District (DISD – public school system) are a bunch of idiots.  To celebrate black history month, the school took 5000 5th graders to the movie theater see “Red Tails”, a movie about African Americans fighting in World War II.  The issue?  They only let the boys go and spent $57,000 of federal money to do so.  The girls got to stay back at school and watch a different movie at their desks – how fun!  There is a good chance that Dallas is going to have to pay back the money because it was not spent for a “learning experience that is otherwise difficult to duplicate in a classroom”.  The movie was rated PG-13 and most 5th graders are not that old.  Also, they claim the movie the girls watched was an acceptable “substitution” so why couldn’t everyone just stay and watch that?

I can’t believe people think it is acceptable to choose kids for a special activity based on something they have no control over.  What happened to doing something like the “kids that read the most books” or” the kids that bring back that sheet signed by their parents” get to go to the movie?

If Dallas has to pay back the money it will be more than a teacher’s salary.  Did I mention that they had to let teachers go last year because they didn’t have enough budget?  I would be a pretty pissed former Dallas teacher if I saw DISD hand over over the equivalent of my salary after they said they couldn’t pay me.



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2 responses to “Public School Idiocy

  1. Ann

    Idiots is too mild a term – I would have raised a parental ruckus – wouldn’t want my fifth graders at a PG-13, but watch out if you mess with my girls!

  2. Chris

    Ditto! Where has this state been with equal rights issues?

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