Tell Me About Yourself

For Junior League I had to take a personality test called the Birkman Assessment.  It involved answering over 250 questions and in the end I was given descriptions about how I typically act, my needs, and how I respond to stress.  Some of the items that stood out to me included:

  • Selectively Sociable – This is the new word for “introverted” since that word has such a negative connotation now.  This mostly means that I become drained when I have to be in large groups for periods of time.  Remember that the next time you see me at a party in the corner holding my cat.
  • Give me time to make complex decisions – Taylor is the same way so the day we decide to buy a house might take years.  We’ll be that couple on HGTV that has seen over 500 homes.
  • Under stress, I see the worst possibilities – My second week at work I realized I forgot to upload a file to the server that the team needed.  I thought they were going to fire me.

The report you get is very detailed and I have already used what I learned at work.  It is helpful to know how you will respond to situations and have an idea of where other people in your workplace fall on the spectrum.  For example, I’m pretty sure my project manager falls on the complete opposite side of the personality grid which explains a lot.


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  1. Chris

    We love you just the way you are! 🙂

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