Selective Snuggler

Luna is not what you would call a lap cat.  We thought she was a snuggler when we first got her but it turns out that was because she was sick.  Such a deceptive kitten.  Now she will only lay on us if she is sleepy or in the morning after she has given up on trying to wake us (Children give up on trying to wake you too, right?  I hear having a cat is JUST like having a child…).

So it is always a change when we return from out of town upon which she will insist that I wear her like a furry scarf as I sleep.  This will last for a day or two until she has fulfilled her snuggling quota that she missed out on while we were gone.  After this I will try to get her to lie down with us at night and she will run away glancing back at me like I’m crazy.  Never mind the night before when she was willingly draped across my neck.


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