Books Books Books

Taylor was out of town again this weekend so I utilized my time very wisely to pretty much do nothing.  I watched a Lifetime movie which is always a good use of anyone’s time.  This was the one about a woman who thought her husband was a murderer.  I’m sure you know exactly which one I am talking about.

I did go pick up two books at the library that I had reserved and I am now justifying this as my outing for Walkabout Wednesday.  I have developed a slight obsession with the library.  There was a time in my life when I decided that if I wanted to read a book I would buy it.  Then I rediscovered the library.  If you haven’t been in awhile it is not the same as when we were kids (Of course I am referring to my generation. If you are older than me, I guarantee you the library is DEFINITELY different than when you were kids).

Unless you live in a one stoplight town (Columbia, North Carolina I am looking at you) your library is online!  All I have to do is go online, request my book from over 40 libraries, and two days later it is at the library down the street for me to pick up.  If I’m on a waiting list for a popular book, they will email me when it is available.  This is pretty much the laziest I can be but still read books at the same time.  Unless I want to download books illegally and read them on my laptop.  You can also check out movies – something Taylor and I did when we first moved here.  Our furniture, and subsequently our TV, didn’t arrive until we had been in Dallas for 5 days.  The first thing we did was get our drivers licenses and then the second thing we did was get our library cards.  Priorities.  We laid on our living room floor watching movies on our laptop – the only furniture we had.

So go check out your local library – I have found that in addition to saving money on books, I am reading more!  I’m so worldly.



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2 responses to “Books Books Books

  1. Chris

    They still have those cute little stone tablets in aisle J???

  2. Katie

    I was so bad about actually returning my books to the library as a youngster that I am worried they may have my picture plastered on the walls of every library across the country now… DO NOT GIVE THIS WOMAN ANY BOOKS!!! Hmmm… I’ll have to think of a crafty disguise…

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