I’m not a shopaholic but I do value having good stores nearby when the mood strikes.  I have had the advantage of living in a larger city my entire life – Raleigh, Atlanta, and Dallas.  As a result, I have always been within a 10 minute drive of an excellent mall and I believe this is something I have taken for granted.  I remember going to visit my grandparents in Newport News and going to the mall.  I was always shocked at how small it was and how there wasn’t a Limited Too!

We now live 1.5 miles away from Northpark Mall which has every single store you can name (except Crate and Barrel but there is a standalone store 2 miles in the other direction), including designer stores (although I’m pretty sure Taylor and I aren’t allowed in those).  I have read online about people that live in the middle of nowhere Texas who make a day or weekend trip of going to Northpark.  That boggles my mind because I have never been far enough away to contemplate driving three hours to go to Williams-Sonoma.  Speaking of which, who wants to buy me this?



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2 responses to “Shopping!

  1. Chris

    Did you catch the delivery charge of $1,300~~!!!! And they don’t install it!!! For that money it gets dropped off and the packaging removed…. geeezzzzz…….We would have gotten it for you but that delivery is just outlandish!! 🙂

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