I associate winter with root vegetables and greens so it is weird to me to hear that citrus is in season.  Lemonade isn’t exactly a February beverage unless you are in Texas where it is currently 60 degrees!  I bought a sweater on sale this weekend for $13.  I now know why they were on sale – I don’t need one for another 10 months.  Anyways, I strayed from my normal apples at lunch to something I had never had before: tangelos.

They were on sale and I assumed they were like oranges which I’m fine with so I grabbed a few.  The name tangelo should have been an indication that it is not an orange but actually a cross between a tangerine and a grapefruit (Why not graperine?).  It tastes like a sweet orange to me and the great thing is that tangelos are much easier to peel. No one at work has to hear me vehemently cursing in my cubicle as I spend half an hour peeling fruit and spraying orange juice on my computer screen.


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