Bottles of Water

Have you ever thought about the series of events that had to happen so that you could meet someone?  My parents and I were walking back to our car the day I moved into my freshman dorm room.  A local church was handing out bottles of water and I didn’t want one.  After walking a couple of steps my mom changed her mind.  They gave me a flier about their college Sunday School class and I decided I would try it out that weekend.

That Sunday I walked to the church and this guy that I thought was cute (not Taylor – hi JB!) introduced himself and invited me to come to an on-campus ministry that evening.  That evening when I showed up, I was crushed that he called me Katie.  At this ministry I met Meagan who introduced me to her boyfriend Eric.  On Wednesday night they took me to Eric’s fraternity.  On the basketball court out front was Eric’s roommate – Taylor.  I never had any classes with the circle of friends I developed and wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t taken that flier.

All because my mom wanted a bottle of water.  She will now see this as evidence that she is the reason Taylor and I are together.



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2 responses to “Bottles of Water

  1. Chris

    Thank you Ann!!!!
    And how signitificant that it was water that was the commodity she needed!

  2. I’d like to remind everyone that we specifically told you not to date Taylor. You obliged our wishes for a while, but we’re glad you ignored them when the time came. 🙂

    Add the fact that Meagan met Taylor by throwing cookies at him and I was drawn to Meagan at an Indian birthday party because of her belching ability and it’s an odd tapestry.

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