In My Khaki Pants

On Saturday night we chaperoned the first half of the Sadie Hawkins Dance – the high school dance where the girls ask someone to go with them.  Besides that it was your normal high school dance – drama unfolding, songs I don’t recognize, and dresses that my mom still wouldn’t let me wear out of the house.  We were closer to the dance floor than when we chaperoned for homecoming and we were able to see some of the dancing.  It was uncomfortable.  Never mind that I did pretty much the exact same dance moves with my dates in high school.  Now that Taylor teaches these kids I don’t think he wants to see them “bump and grind”.  That’s what the kids call it these days, right?

The dance didn’t start until 9 which in my decrepit age sounds SO LATE.  I was yawning half an hour into it even with Katy Perry blaring in my ear.  Students kept coming up to say hi to Taylor and introduce themselves to me as “Mr. Gibson’s favorite student”.  Which is when I would try to introduce myself as Sara but then Taylor would correct me and say “Mrs. Gibson”.  I’m not ready for that yet.



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  1. Chris

    And the khaki pants ??????

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