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Air Filters

Living in an apartment has perks like the maintenance team.  If something breaks, we just file a maintenance request and they fix it for free (unless you do something stupid like light your living room on fire – you probably would have to pay for that).  Once every three months they come in and switch out our air filters (also for free).

Besides large moths I don’t think this filter is catching anything.  The grating the air has to go through first has smaller openings than this.  We didn’t think much about the air filter being crappy until Taylor noticed that two days after dusting it would look like he hadn’t dusted in months.  Luna starting to shed for the warmer weather wasn’t helping either.

So we went and bought our own for $15 (for comparison, you can buy a box of 12 of the crappy filters for $35 online).  After we put it in, Taylor didn’t need to dust for several weeks.  Thanks apartment complex for taking our rent and only using $12 of it a year to replace our air filters.  If we want filters that actually work we have to shell out an additional $60 a year.

In searching for the cost of these crappy filters I found this statement on the website:

“All EZ-Flow II Filters are sold in quantities of 12 which is perfect considering this type of filter should be changed every 30 days…”

So not only are we getting terrible filters but the apartment complex is using them for three times as long as they should be.  Excellent.


When I was “researching” for this post I was talking to Taylor on G Chat.  Here is the transcript.  Excuse the lack of capitalization, poor grammar, and bad language (hi Nana!).

me:  “All EZ-Flow II Filters are sold in quantities of 12 which is perfect considering this type of filter should be changed every 30 days”
are you freaking kidding me?

me:  I really want to send this to the front office and be like, if you are going to use these shitty filters you need to change them out once a month

OR, you know, just buy us better filters

Taylor:  go ahead
i doubt they’ll listen though

but it’s worth a shot

me:  they won’t listen
I don’t even think they work for 30 days
they’ll say the manufacturer just says that so they’ll buy more

me:  they are using 0.07% of the money we give them to replace our filters

Taylor:  what percent would you like them to use?

me:  more than that

me:  just 4 times more so they can buy the filters we are using
this is what we should do
collect a cup full of dust
take the shitty filter into the office
I’ll hold it out horizontally and you pour the cup of dust over it
then we’ll do the same thing with the nice filters
and then they’ll be like “oh you made a huge mess”
and we’ll be like “welcome to our lives EVERY DAY with your filters”


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Ciabatta Sadness

The Whole Foods that we go to makes the best ciabatta bread – it has a crispy crust with a very light bread in the center.  We usually buy one loaf  that I freeze and use portions of throughout the week.

Two weeks ago, Taylor had trouble finding the ciabatta in the bakery section.  He eventually asked the baker, who pointed it out.  The loaf didn’t look quite right but I thought maybe they just cooked it a little longer.  Well that night I cut into it and I could tell it was just all wrong.  It was dense and didn’t taste the same.  We ate it anyways and assumed the baker had just mislabeled the loaves.

This past Sunday we went looking for them again and found the same loaves marked as ciabatta.  Well, not the EXACT same – that would be some very stale bread.  It turns out they have stopped cooking the ciabatta in-house and get it from a Whole Foods bakehouse that distributes to all the Dallas locations.  This is a sad day people because it’s not the same!  I just might have to start making ciabatta from scratch because we will miss it too much.


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Handgun Class

This post could technically qualify for Walkabout Wednesday but I really feel like it captures the essence of Texas.  A couple of months ago I received a Living Social coupon for an “Introduction to Handguns” class.  We bought it because if you are going to take a handgun class, Texas is probably the place to do it.  I shot a BB gun multiple times at Indian Princesses with my dad and Taylor shot a BB gun once and it broke.  That was the extent of handling guns.  So the idea of this class was actually pretty scary to both of us.

The first two hours were spent talking about proper handgun safety and handling.  This included several videos where we saw people accidentally shoot themselves or others.  I thought it was good that they actually showed these because it reinforced the importance of handgun safety.

Out of the ten people in the class, about half of them had shot a handgun before.  What I thought was crazy was that there was a lady that said she had never shot a handgun before but had purchased one earlier in the week.  People can just go out and buy handguns with no training whatsoever.  That is slightly worrisome to me.

Then we got to actually shoot handguns!  The first couple of times that I shot it was a little unnerving but then I got more used to it.  Taylor and I were probably the best newcomers aim-wise, but Taylor was slightly better.  We don’t have any intention of buying a gun or going out to a shooting range on a regular basis but we enjoyed the experience and feel less frightened by handguns now that we actually know how to handle one.



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Scardello Part 2

After taking our Cheese 101 class and becoming geniuses, we had to return to Scardello to try out a cheese plate.  You pay $5 plus the cost of the cheese (Cheeses?  Is that a word?) you select.  That $5 includes some bread, dried fruit, and almonds to eat along with the cheese so we think it is a pretty great deal.  We also bought a bottle of wine to drink as we ate the cheese.  Let me preface the picture by saying 1) it was our lunch and 2) we had help from a couple of friends that were in town.

We all fell into a cheese-induced coma that afternoon.


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End of the Universe

I’ve been watching a series on bluray that my dad has let me borrow, “The Wonders of the Universe” with Brian Cox.  This series originally aired on the BBC a little while back.  This guy does a fantastic job breaking down very large complex theories of the universe and through the use of stunning cinematography and moving music turns them into a narrative that is both interesting to listen to but also very educational.  I’ve learned a lot of this material back in high school and college, but given that I don’t study physics as a profession (no, I prefer the much more pure branch of science, mathematics) I don’t have an opportunity to think about these ideas routinely.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed brushing up my chops in physics and would suggest that anyone curious in the ways of the universe check out the series.  I’ve included a clip that does a great job describing entropy (sounds enthralling, doesn’t it!?)


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Little Helper

Luna insists on climbing into the tote bags every Sunday morning as we unload the groceries.

Such a helpful cat.


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LinkedIn is a professional networking site that I signed up for around the time I was looking for a job.  I don’t really use it but have kept the account in case it becomes useful in the future.  Every month I get an email from LinkedIn suggesting I connect with people it thinks I may know (based on who I am already connected to).  Every month it suggests the same person that I don’t want to be connected to and I know definitely doesn’t want to be connected to me: a kid that I caught cheating in the undergrad class I was a teaching assistant for.

I didn’t want to do anything about it but he was being SO obvious.  It was like watching a 3 year try to act inconspicuous.  You were even allowed to bring in a cheat sheet but he had forgotten to put an equation on it for ONE problem.  That boils down to probably 0.001% of his grade.  I even said something along the lines of “if anyone is cheating right now, stop.”  And he kept going.  This was about 5 quizzes in and I knew there were some students in the class that worked really hard and were struggling to get a good grade.  I knew it wasn’t fair to them if I let this guy cheat while they tried to actually earn their C.  So I had to call him out on it.

Having to take up a quiz – yes a quiz, it wasn’t even worth that much – from someone only a year younger than you is incredibly awkward.  I also have never seen someone shake so much as he tried to explain why he was cheating.  Luckily everyone else had already left so it wasn’t entirely public humiliation.  I saw him on campus multiple times after this and now the poor idiot is getting an email every month asking if he wants to “connect” with me.  I wish LinkedIn had a little box that you could check that says “please don’t ever suggest this person to me again”.


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