Professional Attire

I had the joy of attending a College Board workshop two weekends ago to receive some professional development in regards to the AP Calculus AB curriculum and exam.  I’m a pretty big fan of professional development, and usually College Board does a pretty good job.  It was held at a local hotel, with nice food each morning and lunch, as well as pretty comfortable meeting spaces, etc.  I’m never really sure how to dress for these type of events.  Normally I would wear a shirt and tie since that’s what I normally wear to work, but more often than not, I get some odd looks from my fellow teachers when I wear a tie to any sort of training.  I guess teachers either don’t dress up for work, or like to dress down on the days they aren’t teaching.  I’m okay with that so I usually split the difference and wear a nice pair of pants and a button down shirt and no tie.  I can blend in with the people wearing t-shirts as well as those that did wear a tie or equally nice outfit.  Never, though, I have I seen someone wear the following outfits to professional development, and certainly not to a College Board event.  I wish I had taken actual pictures, but these google’d images will have to suffice:

Friday's Attire

I saw this guy and thought to myself that he must of lost a bet.  He didn’t really look like a classy gentleman, but he sealed the deal when he returned the following day wearing this:

Saturday's Attire

The fine print in case you can’t make it out: “It’s not really that important until you’re not getting any”

If I were that guy’s principal and I saw him wearing that, I think we’d have to have a little talk…


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