Dallas Zoo

So apparently I saved this post as a draft and it never posted!  Walkabout Wednesday on a Thursday?  Our world is turning upside down.  On Saturday we decided we would finally make our way to the zoo.  Our intent was to go in February because it is only $5 admission during January and February.  But it didn’t ever work out for us.  So we went the first weekend it was full price admission – we plan well.

The Dallas Zoo has pretty much every animal you can think of.  Except koalas which they will have a new exhibit for starting next weekend.  Taylor liked to point out how we were missing the koalas by a week.  Also they did not have a platypus.  But there are no upcoming plans for a platypus exhibit.

First we went through the “Children’s Zoo” area which was really a dose of birth control that will hold me over for awhile:  parents that seemed very angry that they decided to go to the zoo, children screaming because they wanted to stare at one animal for 2 hours but were being dragged away.  There was a bird area where you could feed the birds in order to get them to come near you.  We didn’t buy any food but one bird didn’t seem to care about this.  He had a weird attraction to my purse and tried for several minutes to get inside.

A  little boy tried to help lure him away with some of his food but the bird was determined.  He lost interest after awhile and flew away.

Another area we went into was the herpetarium (don’t worry, we made plenty of jokes about this).  WordPress doesn’t even think this is a word but it is a building for reptiles and amphibians.

This guy was just chilling in the side of his tank.  We also saw an albino reticulated python which can get up to 50 feet long.  I didn’t notice as we walked up to the tank that he was wrapped around…something.  Then we all realized it was a very soft but very dead rabbit.  He proceeded to try to eat it for the next 20 minutes without much progress while everyone acted totally grossed out by the situation yet could not look away.  Hopefully it worked out for him.

There were a lot of animals to see.  Some of them have come to the zoo because they became injured in the wild and can no longer survive without help – including two bald eagles.  Some animals were there because zoos are trying to bring them back from being an endangered species.  An advantage to going in March was that, while the weather was nice, it was not scorching so all of the animals were actually out.  Including the meerkat look out.

Lastly we went to the newest area of the Dallas Zoo: Giants of the Savannah.  This includes a huge expanse that has giraffes, zebras, ostriches, and several other animals all together.  The giraffes can actually come up quite close to you (especially if you bought some lettuce to feed to them).

The people that were too good to pay for the lettuce but still thought they deserved to feed a giraffe tried to pull branches off of a nearby bush to feed them.  We saw three people do this in the period of less than 5 minutes with a guy yelling at them each time.  It just really makes me feel good to know that so many people seem to think they are the exception to the rule.  Overall it was a great trip and the animals were all very interesting to see.


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