Taylor’s family on his mother’s side is pretty Polish.  This has been fun for me because I have been exposed to new foods during the holidays including a special Polish kielbasa and babka, a sweet bread that is popular around Easter (not to be confused with “sweetbreads” aka animal organs).  I made babka at some point last year and will post about it next time.  I am not even going to attempt to make kielbasa but it is a great excuse to eat tons of horseradish.  The other Polish dish that I have heard Taylor talk about multiple times is galumpkis.  Or gawumpkis.  Or garage keys.  They have like 5 names for it.  That Gibson family loves to just change one letter in a word over and over until it is unrecognizable.  For example, their old dog Rhythm was being called Pook when I came into the picture.  Lindsey?  Dink.  I’m losing track.

Anyways, these mythical garage keys had been described to me multiple times but we had never eaten them.  So I found a recipe online and made them on Sunday.  They are basically cabbage leaves stuffed with pork, beef, rice, and onions.  You then pour a tomato sauce on top and bake it for an hour.  They were really good – kind of like a tomato-y meatball wrapped in cabbage.  I would probably reduce the amount of meat and up the rice next time but that’s just my opinion.  Taylor said it tasted very similar to what he remembered as a child.

I’m debating what the next nostalgic meal should be.  I don’t know if I can get Taylor on board with buttered noodles (which is exactly what it sounds like and yes, it is amazing).



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2 responses to “Galumpkis

  1. Chris

    They look delicious! You are such a wonderful cook….

  2. Matt loves buttered noodles!

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