Phone Conversations

Our company shares the 12th floor of our office building with two other companies – some kind of aerospace engineering firm and an accounting firm.  The bathrooms for the 12th floor are shared by all the companies which I much prefer over there being a bathroom in the office.  It would be weird to be going to the bathroom while someone’s cubicle is 5 feet from you.

There is a woman with the accounting firm who on most days when I go to use the restroom is in the hall talking on her phone.  I don’t understand this.  They are never urgent calls but instead random phone conversations.  First of all, I wonder who she is talking to that also has the ability to have random extended conversations throughout the day.  Secondly, she is standing in the hallway completely visible through the glass door of the company she works for.  What do her coworkers and her supervisor think?  If I just stood out in the hallway everyday talking on the phone I’m pretty sure someone in my office would say something to me.

But that isn’t even the worst part.  Sometimes she will have these extended phone conversations while sitting ON THE TOILET.  Why?  Why would you do that?  Does the other person know you are going to the bathroom while you are talking to them?  I want to go to the stall next to her and flush the toilet 10 times in a row.  Just in case the person doesn’t know she is in the bathroom.


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  1. Guys do this at the urinal all the time and it enrages me. The only appropriate response is to make “restroom noises” including flushing and loud gas noises. Coughing loudly is also acceptable. I’ve thought about posting signs to tell people how inappropriate it is to talk on the phone while someone a few feet away is pooping, but I haven’t yet. I wish these people would just hang up and play Angry Birds or Words With Friends on the toilet like everyone else. That’s what smartphones are for.

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