This is probably more of a Food activity that should be relegated to Friday, but it just can’t wait.  Sara and I have been frequented a local burger place pretty regularly since we’ve moved here.  We normal wait until we have guests and/or visitors to go there, otherwise we’d probably go far too often.  We had a friend in town last night, so we took him over to “Twisted Root Burger Co.” just down the street.  We ordered our food (I always get “The Verde” burger which has green chili’s, cheese, and guacamole) walked past the booth for George W. Bush (he lives only a few miles away.  Apparently he actually came in not too long ago for the first time) and, since the weather was fantastic, proceeded to the patio.

That's the SMU Pony made of beer bottle caps

Pretty sure the place used to be a gas station

Besides the great burgers, I think the best thing about this place is their pickles.  They have fried pickles on the menu, which are pretty good, but their best items are some house made pickles of various styles that are available at no extra cost.  They have your traditional dill and bread and butter, but they also have “atomic” (a pretty spicy blend), “wasabi”, and “bourbon” as well.  They’re all delicious and I have to force some moderation on myself so I don’t fill up on pickles while waiting for my food to get called.

A sampler plate of pickles

As an added bonus, they had the new Deep Ellum Brewing Company IPA on tap which made for a great beer while enjoying the 80 degree weather on the patio.  A little early for summer, but I’ll take it anyways.

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