LEGO Video Games

It was rainy all weekend so we spent most of it indoors and played video games.  I believe our generation is really the first that is actively playing video games into their adulthood.  Whenever I tell coworkers older than me – even just 10 years older than me – that I played video games over the weekend, they find it a little odd.  However, all of my friends that are my age play video games too so I know I am not the odd man out.  Or I’m only friends with weirdos.

Our current favorite line of video games are the LEGO games for different movie series: Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Batman, Harry Potter, and the Pirates of the Caribbean.  You play through the movie storyline as two characters and the whole thing is as LEGOs.

It is as awesome as it sounds.


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  1. Who plays video games? Honestly.

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