Highland Park Soda Fountain

Last Friday during Taylor’s Spring Break (every time I say that, Taylor likes to lift up his shirt) we went for lunch at the Highland Park Soda Fountain.  It is an operating pharmacy that has an authentic soda fountain complete with 19 bar stools and multiple tables.  The tables are scattered within the drugstore and you might be lucky enough to sit next to the boxes of tampons.  They serve milkshakes, malts, and plenty of delicious sandwiches.  They are having their 100 year anniversary this year and some super old people that used to come as children are still customers.  We actually discovered this place when we were visiting to find an apartment.  It was listed in the travel book I had purchased and sounded way cheaper and more interesting than other restaurants listed.

On Friday I had a pimento cheese sandwich with an authentic soda fountain Coke.  Taylor had a vanilla milkshake, a side of chili, and a tuna melt.

Needless to say, we were very full and didn’t really even eat dinner that evening.


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  1. Chris

    I miss Highland!

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