LinkedIn is a professional networking site that I signed up for around the time I was looking for a job.  I don’t really use it but have kept the account in case it becomes useful in the future.  Every month I get an email from LinkedIn suggesting I connect with people it thinks I may know (based on who I am already connected to).  Every month it suggests the same person that I don’t want to be connected to and I know definitely doesn’t want to be connected to me: a kid that I caught cheating in the undergrad class I was a teaching assistant for.

I didn’t want to do anything about it but he was being SO obvious.  It was like watching a 3 year try to act inconspicuous.  You were even allowed to bring in a cheat sheet but he had forgotten to put an equation on it for ONE problem.  That boils down to probably 0.001% of his grade.  I even said something along the lines of “if anyone is cheating right now, stop.”  And he kept going.  This was about 5 quizzes in and I knew there were some students in the class that worked really hard and were struggling to get a good grade.  I knew it wasn’t fair to them if I let this guy cheat while they tried to actually earn their C.  So I had to call him out on it.

Having to take up a quiz – yes a quiz, it wasn’t even worth that much – from someone only a year younger than you is incredibly awkward.  I also have never seen someone shake so much as he tried to explain why he was cheating.  Luckily everyone else had already left so it wasn’t entirely public humiliation.  I saw him on campus multiple times after this and now the poor idiot is getting an email every month asking if he wants to “connect” with me.  I wish LinkedIn had a little box that you could check that says “please don’t ever suggest this person to me again”.


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