End of the Universe

I’ve been watching a series on bluray that my dad has let me borrow, “The Wonders of the Universe” with Brian Cox.  This series originally aired on the BBC a little while back.  This guy does a fantastic job breaking down very large complex theories of the universe and through the use of stunning cinematography and moving music turns them into a narrative that is both interesting to listen to but also very educational.  I’ve learned a lot of this material back in high school and college, but given that I don’t study physics as a profession (no, I prefer the much more pure branch of science, mathematics) I don’t have an opportunity to think about these ideas routinely.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed brushing up my chops in physics and would suggest that anyone curious in the ways of the universe check out the series.  I’ve included a clip that does a great job describing entropy (sounds enthralling, doesn’t it!?)


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