Handgun Class

This post could technically qualify for Walkabout Wednesday but I really feel like it captures the essence of Texas.  A couple of months ago I received a Living Social coupon for an “Introduction to Handguns” class.  We bought it because if you are going to take a handgun class, Texas is probably the place to do it.  I shot a BB gun multiple times at Indian Princesses with my dad and Taylor shot a BB gun once and it broke.  That was the extent of handling guns.  So the idea of this class was actually pretty scary to both of us.

The first two hours were spent talking about proper handgun safety and handling.  This included several videos where we saw people accidentally shoot themselves or others.  I thought it was good that they actually showed these because it reinforced the importance of handgun safety.

Out of the ten people in the class, about half of them had shot a handgun before.  What I thought was crazy was that there was a lady that said she had never shot a handgun before but had purchased one earlier in the week.  People can just go out and buy handguns with no training whatsoever.  That is slightly worrisome to me.

Then we got to actually shoot handguns!  The first couple of times that I shot it was a little unnerving but then I got more used to it.  Taylor and I were probably the best newcomers aim-wise, but Taylor was slightly better.  We don’t have any intention of buying a gun or going out to a shooting range on a regular basis but we enjoyed the experience and feel less frightened by handguns now that we actually know how to handle one.



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2 responses to “Handgun Class

  1. I’m jealous! I want to take a handgun class.

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