Ciabatta Sadness

The Whole Foods that we go to makes the best ciabatta bread – it has a crispy crust with a very light bread in the center.  We usually buy one loaf  that I freeze and use portions of throughout the week.

Two weeks ago, Taylor had trouble finding the ciabatta in the bakery section.  He eventually asked the baker, who pointed it out.  The loaf didn’t look quite right but I thought maybe they just cooked it a little longer.  Well that night I cut into it and I could tell it was just all wrong.  It was dense and didn’t taste the same.  We ate it anyways and assumed the baker had just mislabeled the loaves.

This past Sunday we went looking for them again and found the same loaves marked as ciabatta.  Well, not the EXACT same – that would be some very stale bread.  It turns out they have stopped cooking the ciabatta in-house and get it from a Whole Foods bakehouse that distributes to all the Dallas locations.  This is a sad day people because it’s not the same!  I just might have to start making ciabatta from scratch because we will miss it too much.


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