Emoticon Fever

At my work we have instant messenger so that we can be lazy and not physically talk to our coworkers.  We can also use it to talk to people in other offices.  It seems like the creator of this software really wanted to make it similar to other instant messengers like G Chat because it includes emoticons you can insert in your conversation.  But the choices go way beyond a simple smiley face.

Half of these I don’t even know how I would use in a work conversation: a sheep? a desert island?  About a quarter of them seem like they could cause some HR-related issues: a broken heart, a rose, and lips.  Yeah that would go over real well if I send LIPS to my project manager.  I’m pretty sure everyone up to the CEO is on this thing.  What if I just send him the martini glass with a question mark?  The possibilities are endless.


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One response to “Emoticon Fever

  1. Katie

    Stop hatin’ on the sheep!

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