Nostalgic Foods

There are certain foods that I have a distinct connection with to a period of time in my past. It is amazing how tasting that food will immediately bring me back to me at that time.

  • Nana’s Spaghetti Sauce: I will post this recipe sometime. She would always make it when I came to visit in the summer and I finally got the recipe from her about a year ago. Now when we make it, the smell and taste transports me back to that kitchen in Newport News, Virginia. I feel young and simply happy because as a child my life was pretty uncomplicated.
  • Dr. Pepper: For a couple years in middle school I went to a summer camp where every afternoon we had “snack time” and got to select a drink and snack. I always picked Dr. Pepper and this strawberry shortcake frozen dessert (super healthy). Now when I occasionally have a Dr. Pepper at work I am back outside by this lake with my camp friends. This snack time only happened maybe 10 times total but somehow that Dr. Pepper taste will immediately make me think of it.
  • Trident “Tropical Twist” Gum: I became obsessed with this gum my junior year of college and chewed it constantly. I very much liked this guy my sophomore year and we started dating part of the way through my junior year. Chewing this gum reminds me of a girl who was confused. A girl who was feeling happy at finally getting what she thought she wanted but soon realizing it was not at all what she thought it would be (and having too much pride to admit that to herself). The relationship was no good and short-lived which I am thankful for because Taylor and I started dating a month later. It’s like that 80’s movie where you realize it’s your friend you like! You know which one I’m talking about, right?

All that from a tiny piece of gum is unbelievable to me.


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