Big Texas Beer Fest

On Saturday we went to the first annual Big Texas Beer Fest.  It was in Fair Park (the fairgrounds) so we were able to take transit instead of driving.  This was good since the whole purpose of the event was to drink beers.

It was crowded for it being a first year event.  There were craft breweries from across Texas, the rest of the United States, and international.  With our ticket we were able to taste 2 oz. of 12 different beers.  Each additional sheet of 12 tastings was only $2.  However none of us even got to buying a second sheet.

Even though 2 oz of 12 beers is only 1.5 pints we were quite happy with just 12 tastings (actually only 6 for me).  Probably the most interesting beer was a jalapeno ale that Taylor tried.  It smelled exactly like jalapenos which was something that I was not interested in eating in liquid form.  There was also live music which was just as entertaining to watch as it was to listen.

Enjoy the view.  Their music actually was good.



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