Arlington Archosaur

Last Friday night Taylor and I were waiting for our sandwiches to be made at this deli in Grapevine.  Along the wall they had a table with a bunch of local business cards and advertisements.  On it I saw a small piece of paper that said in giant letters

Diggers Needed for the Arlington Archosaur Site

I literally did a double-take because the title just seemed so preposterous.  It turns out there is a fossil site in Arlington (just outside of Dallas) that was discovered back in 2003 by some UT Arlington students.  To this day they are still excavating and “adult volunteers (are) needed to help with the excavation of Arlington’s 1st dino and prehistoric croc”.  This is awesome.  I don’t even have a huge interest in dinosaurs but how many opportunities do you have to help take part in an excavation?  I am signing up on the Facebook group (super official) so that I can be notified of the next dig day.  I imagine it will be like that beginning scene in Jurassic Park where the guy is at the dig site and scares the annoying kid with the Velociraptor talon.



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