Weinberger’s Deli

Last Thursday we went to Grapevine to meet up with Taylor’s dad who was at a conference.  I looked up restaurants in Grapevine (since we never have been) on Yelp for recommendations.  Amongst all of these fancy places, a deli was listed at the number 3 best restaurant in Grapevine.  Number 1 was a super fancy steak place with entrees around $50.  So I knew this deli had to be good.

Weinberger’s Deli was in downtown Grapevine which is about 3 blocks long.  There were over 150 sandwiches to choose from which was slightly overwhelming.  Taylor selected the “Queen of Hearts” which included mozzarella, artichoke hearts, roasted red and banana pepper mix, olive oil, fresh crushed red pepper, roasted garlic cloves, black pepper, and sauteed mushroom.

As you can see, it was a little oily but Taylor ate the whole thing.  I got the Dagwood which included American cheese, lettuce, ham, muenster cheese, turkey, onions, Swiss cheese, roast beef, mayo, and tomato.

Taylor’s dad got a sandwich special that had brisket on it since we hadn’t taken him to get any barbeque during his visit (not that I truly think of Texas barbeque as barbeque – where is the pulled pork with vinegar sauce?!).  Despite having so many choices all of the ingredients were super fresh.  If it wasn’t so far away (near the airport) I think Taylor and I would go there more often.


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